26.5X25 Galaxy OTR Tire L-2 G-2 HIPPO 20-Ply
TREAD DEPTH: 23/32nds
DETAILS: Clean, Some Lug Cracks
REF #: H100
LOCATION: San Jacinto, CA


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Ref# H100
Serial# ETNBC630

Product Description

26.5X25 Galaxy brand bias OTR tractor tire. It is a HIPPO L-2/G-2 model with a 20-Ply load rating. This is a Used tire with a tread depth of 23/32nds. The condition report reads: Clean, Some Lug Cracks.

Contact us with any questions and reference H100. The tire serial number is ETNBC630.

Alternate Keywords: 26.5X25; 26.5-25; 265X25; 265-25; 26.5 X 25; 26.5 – 25; 265 X 25; 265 – 25;

Additional Information

Weight700 lbs
Dimensions26.5 × 69 in